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I have found a way to make the multimedia keys work without uninstalling the Acer Launch Manager.

What I have done is modify the MMKEYBD.CFG that the Launch Manager uses to map its keys... each key in the file follows the following format

Key <A>=<B>,<C>,<D>,<E>


<A> is an auto-increment number
<B> is either 1 or 0. If <B> is equal to 1, the Launch Manager doesn't return the key to the OS. If <B> is equal to 0, it returns the key AFTER EXECUTING ITS FUNCTION.
<C> is the key identifier, I think (exemple: E0,2E,E0,AE)
<D> is the display identifier, determines what to show on the OSD.
<E> is the key description.

What I have done is remove the entry for the four multimedia keys (changing <B> to 0 would work too for Winamp, but you would get weird behavior in WMP since all the actions would be doubled). You can download the modified file below and extract it into the following folder:

C:\Program Files\Launch Manager

replacing the original file. After restarting your laptop, you should be able to map the play, stop, next and previous keys using the Global hotkeys in winamp. The rest of the Launch Manager features will remain untouched.
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