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so we might need to revert that change or just find a better way of getting non-flash/html5 players to have the change enabled for them but without causing some issues with other true clients (though it'd be better if they were able to use the v2 protocol as that sends the metadata irrespective of that parameter as the v2 protocol splits audio and metadata up nicely).

something for me to have a proper think over once i've had some sleep.
the change which was made for 'disableicy' will not be reverted as there is a way to maintain the desired effect of the change whilst allowing things to work ok with the clients mentioned in this thread (and anything that attempts to connect and indicates it knows how to handle SHOUTcast streams).

that change will be rolled into the next build (not sure when that'll be released as it depends on when we can get the pre-existing crash issues which are being reported solved).

in the meanwhile, setting disableicy=0 will provide the prior behaviour and any clients which have issues with playback should probably have ?icy=http appended to their tune-in url.
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