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Obscure bug

I haven't read all the posts, but I didn't see these in the ones I did read:
1) When I do a scan for music in some of my large music directories, it comes up with an initialization error about device drivers and asks me to reboot or reinstall winamp. When you press ok the error message just reopens and you can't do anything without using task manager to close winamp. It turns out the scanning stops at ".lqt" files, a copyright protected media file that winamp can't possibly play since they expire after a certain date and are unplayable (I think). I am assuming that the liquid audio files are the cause of this error, but it really should just not add them and go on, rather than bringing up an uncloseable error message.
2) During the same process of scanning, an uncloseable error message labeled "In_Archive" comes up, I think for a file not being found. This comes up more than once sometimes and pops up again upon being closed. Unlike the initialization error, however, it doesn't make other functions in winamp unuseable.
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