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Originally posted by kzuse
And another (real) bug report:

in_wave (the new one of course) doesn't play normal (uncompressed PCM) wave files if they contain Meta information ("LIST information") at the beginning.

If this information is at the end of the file (at it should be...) it's no problem, then it even shows that information in Winamps scolling bar. (fine!)

Clean install.

Here's a link to a file that won't play. It contains some LIST chunk at its beginning, with information that it was created by Goldwave.

Regards, kzuse

PS: The old in_wave (which I continue using because of the RIFF-MP3 bug, and which was fully OK since i almost never played 32bit WAV's) did correctly play this file !!!!
I can confirm this bug. It plays in WMP 10 though. I'm using 5.21 (clean install).
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