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anyway, I'm not 'running up' for MY 'credit' here. I've spent a decent amount of time doing this even though it doesn't get me anything really. Most of these authors where my friends... I was pretty sure it was most likely the people just forgot who's code they where using, thus I'm just helping them out. Notice none of my code was being used, thus no one is 'running up for credit' here.

I'm sure each different author would have a different opinion on the situation, but I know Eo.S' reaction was "that's so fucking lame". She spent quite a bit of time on some of that code.

In the end, every one of them really was a pretty groundbreaking 'people really haven't made milkdrop look like this ever before' preset. Which means it's not just the time it took to write the actual code, but the entire process of conceptualizing it...

I'm not even asking people put their names in the .mlk name, just maybe a "such and such" wrote this in the area's of code.

Although I know personally Eo.S. wants her name in the .mlk file saves....
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