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It still leaves all of us not for profit, non-profit, and educational (which MUST be non-profit) users out in the cold.

Blood from a stone comes quickly to mind. Note that the NAB has distinct reasons why they want to crush all of us little independent stations, simply put it is bad for business. By default I am a member of the NAB and SBE as we are an industry related educator, and neither one is working to help me get what we need here at work. We are the red headed step child of their world even though we teach people who become their full price members. Both organizations are completely self serving to the broadcasters, you could not join if you wanted to! They even look down on the FCC certified and licensed low power FM stations because it takes away from the big money stations. If anyone from either the NAB or SBE would like to discuss how you are not helping anyone but yourselves, please PM me your email address and I will get back to you. And yes I do expect that email to come from one of the organization's accounts, otherwise be prepared to point me to your position within that organization, I only know our local SBE members and I doubt they will get in touch with me about this.

Your mileage may vary!
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