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Judiciary Committee Hearing on Performance Rights Act

Dear Supporters:

Once again we need your help to ramp up the pressure on Capitol Hill. The Performance Rights Act is now on the table in the Judiciary Committee, and it will be debated during their hearing on Wednesday, March 4. However, Congress must not be allowed to divert their attention away from the unjustified royalty rates that still plague the Internet radio industry.

If your member of Congress sits on this committee, then it is imperative that you contact him or her by phone or email as soon as possible. Simply state your affiliation (e.g. "I am a constituent of your district"), the purpose of your call (e.g. "the upcoming Judiciary Committee Hearing on The Performance Rights Act, H.R. 4789"), and then as briefly as possible explain your stance on the royalty rate issue. Most importantly, remind him or her that the Performance Rights Act should only be addressed following an appropriate resolution of the statutory royalty rates for Internet radio.

As always, we appreciate your continued support.

Randall E. Krause
Executive Director
Small Webcaster Community Initiative
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