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actually, i read in a thread about a year ago + maybe that the dsp has its own encoders. basically the context was something along the lines that updating your winamp install, which may include a newer lame ver, had no effect on the dsp's encoding. it was egg or someone credible saying this, but unfortunately i forget the exact wording.

however, in another thread in this forum, i saw sawg say he thought the full winamp would do aac, while lite would not.

those 2 positions don't necessarily contradict each other, but i figure someone here must know the answer to this. if lite doesn't support aac for the dsp, that should be a fact known to the devs, and if it does, the Q is why doesn't mine?

moreover, if there is a workaround to get lite to support aac, i'd love to know it. which dll would you try and where would you put it?


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