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Originally Posted by davidjohnson70 View Post
that is quite impressive, how long does it take you roughly to read a book? do you read actual books or ebooks?
Depends on the book, really. A 550 page Jack Reacher or Repairman Jack novel I can probably do in 12 hours or a bit less. The first Wheel of Time novel probably took me a day. Just depends on the pace of the book and how interested n the series I am.

And they're actual books. I don't think I could tolerate reading a book on a screen (and the only e-reader I have at work would be my iPhone, and there's no way in hell I'm going to try to read a book on that tiny screen).

Current update:

090 Pastwatch: The Redemption Of Christopher Columbus by Orson Scott Card
091 The Wheel Of Time, Book 02: The Great Hunt by Robert Jordan

I'd going to say that "Pastwatch" is probably the best novel of all the ones I've read so far this year. How well Orson Scott Card did time travel just blew my mind.

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