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Minecraft - Admit it

no need to lie, i doubt i could find a single person who hasn't heard of it.

and for those who've gotten in on the half price (around $10, just in euros instead) cost while it's in development.

what's the most impressive thing you've built in survival mode (not creative since you get infinite everything)?

personally i've built a bit of things, but nothing elaborate enough to be worth posting, i started an ice structure though on my winter map is about the best

have you found any dungeons and plundered their chests yet?

yep, only two total though, they're not easy to find

have you imported any dwarf fortress maps (read the official forums it's not easy though) yet?

i wish i could say yes, but dwarf fortress just made too many attempts to be user unfriendly for me personally, i never got very far with it.

figured out how to make redstone door switches where either trigger item (floor plate, switch, button) will open/close the door regardless of the second switch's on/off state?

i wish, well beyond my ability however

also, notch knows a lot more than he lets on, refer to any pic that includes his eyes if you can't see it, what do you think it is that he knows?

how to develop a great game and kick off his business company at the same time, maybe, can't help but think theres more to it though.

(it's a similar affect as: http://images.encyclopediadramatica....Cover-tom2.jpg )

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