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Broadcast with Traktor, Icecast & shoutcast

Hi guys. I'm totally new in this forum and in the broadcasting area. Recently I found out that my Traktor Scratch Pro have an option to broadcast. I am really interested in broadcasting my sets. So from what I've read on the net I understood that Traktor supports only Icecast and broadcasting in .ogg format. But after couple of days tweaking and doing everything I could think of I did not manage to make a stream visible from outside my network. Also I've read that I can broadcast with Traktor, Icecast & Shoutcast. As I said I'm totally new in the area and don't completely understand how things work. So I'm begging for your help here. I know that I can use my computer from which I'm playing for a server. What I want to do (if possible) is to make my own radio visible in winamp shoutcast and play my sets there. Otherwise ending up with a working stream anywhere would be great too. I hope that you will be kind enough to help me as I know that here I can find the right people to learn from.
Thank you in advance guys
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