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And who'd be dumb enough to admit they aren't licensed if they were not? Don't forget that the stations or shoutcast servers outside the USA don't have to follow USA rules. The US organizations like the RIAA are quickly learning this the hard way. It only took them 9 1/2 yrs to learn what most folks with common sense already know.

Loudcity and Loudcaster both are good choices. Also check out they seem to be a good choice for they do allow you to stream commercials so you have a chance to have some of those fee's for licensing covered in profits you'll make from advertising (should you decide to go that way).

Being licensed does have its advantages too such as some music services that give FREE music out to licensed stations. Being able to have your station listed in directories (if you go with Loudcaster you have to give their launch page URL) and also support from the Loudcaster, Loudcity, or communities.

As mentioned you can license your FREE shoutcast hosting service the only one that will allow you to actually be listed in the Shoutcast directory and work is:

f r e e s h o u t c a s t d o t c o m

You are limited to 64K but after you get some donations you can upgrade to a paid Shoutcast server @ 128K. Hope this helps.

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