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Originally Posted by sorein View Post
Sure, very funny. And Winamp is even funnier. And respondents even funnier.... while it is such an easy problem to understand: ALL (A. L. L.) the other players I have (5-6), even older versions, CAN interpret correctly ALL VBR MP3s. The ONLY invalid is Winamp. Then why are you sending me to the middle ages MP3val? Just fix the damn player. How many years does it take you to understand the users just want to enjoy the player, and not do software procedures? One day you'll fix that and you'll look back in shame at these silly replies.

Those particular VBR MP3s are made with RealPlayer Converter.

Are there more polite and more intelligent respondents here?
I think you have probably answered your own question. RealPlayer is clearly doing something wrong to those files. Fix them up with something like MP3Val and all will be well. (I am amazed RealPlayer is still around... has always been a bit odd that one)

I assume you have also tried contacting RealPlayer for a fix to their bug?

Why don't you upload some of your example files? Nothing can be done without them.

And don't forget that most of the replies on here are not from developers. This is a community of Winamp users here who act as Troll Filters...
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