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Originally Posted by DrO View Post
the whole of the JTFE shell handling needs to be re-written as it was known that some parts were broken with other changes which had to be made to get it supporting other required changes for the 5.66 release. as i own the source code, the plug-in can be updated irrespective of whatever may happen. so apologies to all that i've screwed this up for though i think you can try toggling some of the options to get it like before, but i cannot remember which at the moment.
I was able to restore the enqueue functionality by going to Preferences > Shell Options then enabling "Add "Enqueue & Play' to Winamp's associated file types", then check "Add files into the queue for delayed playback" then the radio button for inserting at the end of the queue. Then I unchecked the "Add Enqueue & Play" option and it works. If you re-enable it and disable the delayed playback option, it will again play immediately.
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