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Originally Posted by Batter Pudding View Post
@DJ_The_SP: Plenty of people were testing on Win8.1 so I doubt it is just a Win8 thing. What plugins are you running? (Time for an info tool report)

You certainly should not have to "Run as Administrator".

Have a look into %APPDATA%\Roaming\Winamp\ and you should see Winamp.m3u in there. This is the playlist. Do you see the file appear at all as you start and stop Winamp? Watch the file date and time as you start and stop the program. This file can also be opened in Notepad to look at.

Have you copied any of these files in from an old installation? Did you make sure you corrected any user rights on the file? Read Only flags?

Are other settings being maintained between starts? Choice of skins, position of windows, etc. Trying to work out if you are having problems saving anything in the %APPDATA% folder.
Thanks for all the tips.
I noticed that some files (and perhaps the folder too) in Appdata had a Read-only flag.
I unchecked it, and i did see a playlist file being written now.
So, if my playlist no longer disapears this should do the trick.
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