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LOCATION: In the Media Library on Winamp 5.666 build 3516

DESCRIPTION: In the ML Track Number column, if the MP3 TAG for Track Number is set to ZERO (0 or 00) Winamp ML displays a blank.
EXPECTED BEHAVIOUR: Media Library should display 00
DOES THIS MATTER? Not really an issue as the empty field still alpha-sorts ahead of track one. Just looks a little odd and is technically displaying the "wrong" value.

I have an MP3 Audio Book. Tracks listed as 01,02,03,04,05 etc in the MP3 TRACKNO TAG. They show fine.

The Introduction is tagged as Track 00 which does not show that track number in Media Library.

Tags inserted by MP3TAG. (ID3v1 ID3v2.3)

Winamp's File Info shows the ID3v1 tag as blank, the ID3v2.3 tag as 00

* I used Winamp to edit the ID3v1 TRACK field to 00. Hit OK and reopen CTRL+3 and ID3v1 still showed blank for the Track Number.
* I used Winamp to remove the ID3v1 tag - no change.
* I used MP3TAG to remove ALL of the tags, then pasted back in only ID3v2.3 tags - no change
* MP3TAG shows the Track Numbers as the zero padded values I have typed.
* Windows 7 shows the Track Number without the zero padding, but happily displays Track 0.
* Winamp shows the 00 Track Number in File Info (CTRL+3) but not in the Media Library.
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