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You could simply stream ads like I do and be Legal. I stream an ad after every 3rd song 2 minutes of ads every break. and it allows me to basically broadcast for FREE and be Legal. But if you have no money at all and still love Radio and want to broadcast and have a web site you'll have to Google Free Web Hosting and for every host you find you'll have to check with to be sure its not in the USA. l i s t e n 2 m y r a d i o also has web hosting and so does myradiostream and both are outside of the USA. Now when I talk about those two sites I'm not talking about their ad supported Shoutcast where you can't embed or be listed in the Shoutcast directory. If you want FREE shoutcast that allows you to be listed you can stream @ 64K using ************* . c o m and use AAC+ but in all honesty it may be less of a hassle to be legal. You'll pay more for good VPN service like BTGuard cuz its at least $9/mo and you'll be doing a lot of research to find a good site outside of the USA. Many Radio directories check to see if your licensed and some have a maral where they will report your station if not (your on your own there). It could be done if you have the man hours to search. Its why I'm legal and went with streaming ads.

I know most don't like streaming ads but its the only Legal way to broadcast for FREE after you get enough listeners and enough ads impressions to cover the cost. Free or cheap Internet Radio broadcasting days are numbered legally (without ads). Even illegally could be numbered as I'm sure in the future stream hosts will be responsible for their users and the "safe harbor" will be lessor and lessor. and you'll have to make sure the VPN you use does not keep a log if you want to try and run a be rouge. I'm not trying to be funny I'm just like you guys trying to share the love of real music and want to broadcast without taking out a second mortgage on my home to do so. Again if you decide to be rouge Pirate your on your own. Don't say I told you to do so. What I posted was for education purposes ONLY what you do with that information is all on you!!!

I hope this helps everyone be more informed.

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