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Originally posted by Jcl
If you set the MMD3 skin to Windowshade mode, on any resolution less than 1600x1200 (because the Windowshade mode is 800 pixels wide), then click the "Double Window Size" option (not using Scaling), then when you go back, it cuts the part of the skin that was not visible after doubling the skin size... only way to get that back was hand-editing studio.xnf with Winamp closed, and removing all references to MMD3 to "reset" it (it was probably just a single line, but I didn't really care to check).

Don't know if this happens with other skins or if it only happens to me... that's what just happened, and I'm too busy to reproduce the bug again (and fix it ;D).
I have experienced this same problem with the MMD3 skin reported by Jcl, using screen res of 1152x864, Nvidia TNT video card, Win2kPro, 19" monitor. To correct I deleted studio.xnf and reinstalled MMD3. If 800 pixels is normal width for horizontal windowshade, 100% scaling in my preferred res would be much too small and 150% scaling would still cause truncation of horizontal windowshade display.... quite a dilemma!
Best arrangement for me now is vertical windowshade at 150% (still uncomfortably small) or 200% scaling.
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