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Re: Re: Re: Multimedia keyboard

Originally posted by o_spring
You are right, I have the same behavior (I am writting to fast ) :
in fact pressing the play/pause button ask windows to either play/pause the current media file OR if no media player is loaded, lauch the default media player.
So in our case, I think that when winamp 5 is minimize, it does not receive the media keys events, so windows think that no player is loaded and ask for winamp to start: winamp then come back to front and can respond to the multimedia keys.

The problem must be that Winamp5 does not receive multimedia events when it is minimized.
I have tried the beta 2 and now, it is worse !!!
the keys are no longer working in any situation (minimized or not) !!!!
Is it really a problem of keyboard "driver" ???
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