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DJ Egg
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Bug reports are useless without system specs & windows os.

1) Not a bug. Alter or disable "advanced title formatting" (Prefs -> Titles)
2) Winamp 5 Wishlist (read the "official wishlist" sticky first)

Try it without Sqrsoft plugin

@Omega X
Enable DAE in the CD input plugin
(requires winamp restart to take effect)

Glad you worked out the first problem.
Can't reproduce your new problem either.

The known bugs thread is also a sticky in this same forum.
Your bug is listed in there.

Everyone else, please pay attention to ^that^ thread,
and the "not bugs" section too.

Although tech support for beta software is not supported,
post in the Winamp 2/5 Discussion forum, and we'll try to help you there.
This thread is for bug reports only, and whether others can reproduce them.
It's not intended for tech support, wishes, problems with 3rd-party plugins/skins, discussions, etc.

Each bug report MUST include system specs, regardless of whether you've posted them previously.

Thank you
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