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AVS is a legal minefield licensing wise, so it's best for any non-AOL developers to stay away from it, even Justin has mentioned that himself. (That and as I'm sure all people that have touched AVS know, it's buggy and hard to compile correctly.)
Fridge is being developed by some of the finest AVSers the scene had, which will use the GPU to render as opposed to the way AVS does it - It's open source so if you want to help develop that then you can. (Look in the AVS sub forum)

EEL2 is, unless I'm mistaken, actually better than the EEL in AVS. (So curse you MilkDrop )

What it does is it takes the users code input and compiles the code on the fly so it can act natively within the program (Well within a VM). Defining any new variables as it goes.
Without it you'd find it very limiting to produce any presets since you'd be stuck using predefined variable names and you wouldn't be able to do anything fancy with maths.
Blah = 1, instead of blah = sqrt(woo * cake)
Pretty much. (Shout at me if I'm wrong though)

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