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I thought the exec statements where always there with that engine... ohz well either way I couldn't get it to work without them either, I find them quite annoying as well. I almost want to make a compiler that will make md code from something more like javascript, but if I don't get back into making presets I'm not sure that'll happen.. plus there isnt any good way to integrate that with MD anyway so you'd have to reload the preset after every edit.

@ShadowHarlequin && DrO

I'm saying if I can get my hands on the md2 source I'll make some mods to it, mostly I mean the ones dro is referring to that I made to 1.x, at least the ones that would still make sense, like pageUp/down in code view, and draw in background(something I miss alot), I think there were quite a few that would still fit, and I would like to think are missed... although I'm not sure that anyone that used my beta(I should have quit calling it that since it was solid, maybe then ryan woulda actually taken some of my changes) is still around

But I have a few other ideas as well, like shaders for each shape. what would really tickle my fancy is a public facing API to control stuff from a 3rd party app, like change/retrieve the preset, directory. send out custom messages, ect.. then I could make a preset editor that could tell md to reload the preset when you save, and won't kill your changes if you hit the wrong key

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