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Not as such. You won't easily find any quite so simple interface to shader programming as offered by Milkdrop. MD provides a simple link between audio ouptut and shader input in the first place. If you want to implement this on a different platform, you'll have to spend months of programming to establish this link in the first place, before you can even start to think about shader programming.
Then you will have to run your code through compilers etc. before you can see it... I don't think there is any other platform which allows you to just press Ctrl-Enter to see what you've just coded.

The construct of warp/comp shader has no particular relevance, this is just a simplistic and practical construction of MD.

The video speed (fps rate) does not depend on the platform, because all platforms will only pass your shader code to the driver provided with your video card for compilation. So does MD.

MD of course has restrictions. It is only a visualiser coupled to winamp, and in principle not comparable to a general platform such as OpenGL. Its benefit is extreme simplicity. If you feel that MD is not enough for producing visuals, go ahead and try with an open platform, and we'll talk again in three years time.

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