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Originally Posted by nycebo View Post
The artist icon (microphone) on the now playing screen looks more like a voice recorder button. I guess I could get used to it after a while but it wasn't so intuitive on first seeing it. Maybe the head and shoulders icon from other media players would be more intuitive? Then again, your current button may be from your desktop application.
I absolutely agree with this one. When I first clicked on this icon I thought that it would do something with a mic/speaker, I had no idea it showed tracks artist.

Originally Posted by nycebo View Post
Just a comment on the lock screen: it's great. One of the better music control lock screens offered. Well done. But, it would all the better if it could integrate 'into' the existing lock screen so the slider worked right away rather than having to press a button (onscreen or the back/home buttons) to gain access to the slider.
Integrated lock screen with the slider would be great and I would also suggest that you make the cover art on it smaller, so it can fit on the screen whole.
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