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Winamp's power/clout with this App will undoubtedly lie with its Phone-2-PC connectivity and features around this connectivity. There are already a ridiculous amount of Android music players out there that do all sorts of neat things....but none (or very few) can say they are directly backed by developers of a Top Rated Desktop music player. Think about it? It is what makes this App special on the Android Market.....and why it is getting some really interesting chatter everywhere.

This simple fact is the unique edge that Android Winamp must exploit to its fullest. This many of you have already said....Make sure the Sync feature works. It is your current selling point. All the little nuances and bugs around Winamp creating their 1st Android app can be easily addressed (the whole where to save directory thing....preventing ringtone plays, etc)....those issues are all common in an Android Beta music player.

Now the big picture. Looking into actual future features (not bug fixes or just obvious problem fixes)....primary focus should be on exploiting that unique edge Android Winamp discussed above.

Possible Features off the top of my head that do this are:

1. Expand Phone-2-PC Connectivity to more than just WiFi.....The Android community loves to connect to their stuff over the internet......wherever they, car, etc. I will refer everyone to the thread link below for further reading/arguing on this point:

2. Controlling Desktop Winamp from your Phone is very nice...there are about 5 different apps currently on the Android market that do this and ONLY this...a couple cost money and are extremely robust in function (for example, aWinampRemote and Lazik).

3. Streaming capability. Listening to any song on your PC's library on-the-fly is great. Winamp Developers already have experience in this department with WinampRemote. Possibly merging WinampRemote functionality into this App (although a rather large request) may be worthwhile.

These are just a few ideas that come to mind. Of course, these features may not be at the top of the list....but they DEFINITELY are features that exploit Android Winamp's unique position and the reason the app is receiving its hype.
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