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Running into issues trying to get songs onto my phone...
I have an LG Ally, but I doubt the phone makes a difference.
I gave up on the WiFi option for now...this is strictly over USB.

On my SD card, I have a Directory structure that looks like this:

I have nothing in Music, 5 mp3s in notifications, and 1 file in ringtones.
I have the 5 notifications and 1 ringtone already setup on my phone to play for various things.

If I try to AutoFill, it tells me it's going to remove 6 files from my phone and lists these 6. It also seems to arbitrarily fill up my phone with songs I've rated at 1 or 2.

I can't seem to get AutoFill to a: grab songs that I like from my 12k songs, and b: leave the other files alone. I've tried setting up the AutoFill query, but nothing seems to work - I can't seem to say: "(type = 0 AND length > 30 AND rating > 2) OR (filename has ringtones OR filename has notifications)" meaning, only Audio tracks greater than 30 seconds I've rated higher than 2 or files that are in the ringtones or notifications folders. It either ends up saying "adding 0 and removing 0" or it still tries to delete my 6 sounds...

Any way to tell winamp that these folders are HANDS OFF?
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