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Originally Posted by captainnapalm View Post
Having major issues with the Wi-Fi sync to my Nexus One. I have a large playlist that I sync to my phone, and as I envision using Winamp as my only syncing solution, I deleted all of the music off my phone in order for Winamp to put it all back on.

With doubleTwist I would generally sync overnight with my phone connected via USB to my computer, but as I am now using my phone as an alarm, Wi-Fi sync is a perfect overnight syncing solution.

The problem has become that the phone won't sync more than 12 songs at a time before failing out on the remainder of the tracks in the playlist. It generally syncs the first 8 tracks very fast, and then slows down to a crawl for the next 2-4 tracks and then fails out on the rest.

It doesn't always work to just re-initiate the sync either. It will generally error out after only 1 or 2 tracks on the second and subsequent attempts.

Anyone else having this issue?
This seems to be an issue with syncing while the screen is locked. If the screen doesn't timeout, it continues to sync, but as soon as the screen is off, the sync fails.

EDIT: Nevermind, the sync was going well for about 40-50 songs, and then failed on the remaining 3000+ tracks.
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