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Playback resuming after hanging up

I have only encountered one bug, but this one can be annoying : on several occurrences, music playback resumed right after the end of a phone call.

I have an HTC Desire (with Sense enabled) running Froyo 2.2 (2.10.405.2) and Winamp 0.9.1. I never use any bluetooth device, I listen to music with simple headphones, no remote.

The annoying part is that this occurs with my headphones unplugged, (I always unplug them to make or take a call), which means that the music can be heard by everyone around... and this happened in pretty quiet places (my work open space for example).

I'll try to give as much info as I can :

- On each occurrence, playback had been paused when the call started, by which I mean that the pause was not provoked by a call reception (in which case resuming playback could seem logical).

- On each occurrence, winamp wasn't in full screen when the call started (I remember I had to look for the widget to stop the music). However, I don't know if playback had been paused via the widget or the full screen app.

- As far as I can tell, this doesn't occur every time I hang up the phone. It did occur at least three times in less than two weeks.

- This occurred both after incoming and outgoing phone calls

- The Winamp lockscreen is disabled

I'm out :]

This bug has already been reported by another user, here.
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