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Winamp 5.8 Slow Load Time/app broken

So I recently upgrade to Win 10 Pro x64 and as always Winamp is my number one install.
I have never ever had any issues with this app in the past until now.

When I start Winamp it takes about 5 minutes to start, but during that time it shows up on the desktop with the classic skin of which I don't use. It's also scattered in random locations across the desktop. I use the modern skin so no idea why it defaults to the classic and scatters it's various components like Media library and playlist editor all over the place.

It ran perfectly fine for the first few days, but now it just hangs and if I touch the icon in the notification bar or the app itself on the desktop it crashes completely.

It will run after a few minutes if I leave it to do whatever it is doing. I'm ok with the wait, just not used to Winamp ever having issues.

Another weird thing is that when it has loaded the player itself has the modern skin, but the playlist has the classic skin. A quick switch between the skins will fix this, but wanted to mention that as well as every little bit of info helps I guess.

Thank you and I hope this issue can be fixed.
A very happy Winamp user nonetheless
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