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What's up?

Hi. I have Winamp Pro 509.83. I just re-installed it on my newly reformatted laptop. I know, I should upgrade, but I'm noticing several things that worry me. Whenever I click on SHOUTcast Radio, I get this message "[Error]http/1.1 404 Not Found (Showing old". This is accompanied by no list of stations or anything. Filling in the search box, the banswidth or gendre boxes, do nothing. I have even tried un-installing the program, re-installing it and loading my 20 or so favorite stations, but still no SHOUTCast.
Additionally, I get terrible reception from stations I haven't previously. I used to get Michigan Radio from Detroit, but now, I'm in Ann Arbor and it's buffering out and won't stay on for more than 5 minutes.

Also, I can't bookmark anything.The error is "The exception unknown software exception (oxcoooo417) occurred in the application at location 0x736024a. Click on OK to terminate the program". What's up?
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