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i have to admit, i don't have this straight yet.

first, its important to point out that wired and wifi work totally differently. from what i can tell, it seems like ver 1.0.3 of the winamp android app seems to now handle the comp issue properly ON WIFI ...assuming you have proper AA tags, and without you, the user, making any changes to your prefs at all. the one issue is that when you go into albums, it lists the album only once (thankfully) but as being by one of the artists on the album, rather than sensibly using the AA tag. thats a bug the devs need to fix, but at least it basically works.

wired is a totally different story. i haven't gotten it to work right yet. there are many threads on this now, but i can't seem to get a dev to explain it or even acknowledge it.

see this thread:

i'm still looking for answers to my last post.

with that in mind, i'll respond below:

Originally Posted by Beegee10 View Post

and just to make it simple for anyone else

In Your WinAmp "Preferences" in the side menu under "Media Library" you will find "CD Ripping", highlight this. On the right hand side you will see a Tab marked "OutputFile Settings" choose this.

Under "Specify the naming convention for ripped tracks"
Enter the following

"<Artist>\<Album>\## - <Trackartist> - <Title>"

This will rip your albums in a Artist folder with the Album in a sub folder on your PC.
yes, i did that. but it still didn't work, so i stopped trying things at that point, basically thinking i might make lots of changes to the defaults that will be hard to undo (and/or unnecessary) if the devs actually address the problem head on for wired as they did wifi.

Originally Posted by Beegee10 View Post
With your Android device connected/discovered by WinAmp, go back into "Preferences" and in the side menu under "Media Library" you will find "Portable", highlight this. On the right hand side under "Specify the naming convention for copied tracks"

Enter the following

"<AlbumArtist> - <Album>\## - <Trackartist> - <Title>"

This will now copy Various Artist/Compilation Albums on to your Android device as one Album.
ok, this confuses me.

i do see where this shows up under prefs when wired, and at the top it has a checkmark called "use CD rip setting" so this whole screen shouldn't matter, and indeed its greyed out. however, it doesn't seem to use my CD rip settings.

i assume you unchecked "use CD rip settings" but then what you have above looks like a typo to me, don't you mean to include a slash? you have:

<AlbumArtist> - <Album>\## - <Trackartist> - <Title>

the default is:

<Artist> - <Album>\## - <Trackartist> - <Title>

but shouldn't there be a slash? like this:

<AlbumArtist>\<Album>\## - <Trackartist> - <Title>


and on a whole different note, i thought <Artist> was essentially albumartist, aka TPE2? (in the same way that <Trackartist> is really artist, aka TPE1)

look at the "format help" button next to where you enter that string.

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