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Hi MrSinatra,

thank you for your in-depth reply.

But I don't really understand the value of using smart views to separate the audio collection into logical subsets.

It would not be hard for me to remove the mp3 albums from the hierarchy and place them in a 'transcode' or 'mp3' folder. Then I'd have a single view of the music collection. The whole idea is to have a unified view. FLAC vs MP3 is not a logical distinction that should have meaning for the music (collection). (Cause then I have to remember which ones are FLAC and which ones aren't).

Well, maybe it would be useful but I can't think of a reason to want to browse the FLAC view when searching for something to play. The whole idea of the jukebox is to have all albums in a single collection so I can find what I'm looking for by looking at pictures/names.

What I need is for a view to filter results based on OTHER results in the library, but this doesn't seem possible.

Something like

type = 0 && lossless = 0 && existduplicate(lossless = 1) = 0

Cause... what we're doing with the views is separate a single hierarchy into multiple sets, whereas I need it to merge hierarchy splits into a single view.

In any case it's a bit weird behaviour that Winamp just dumps files of distinct folders into the same album, listing duplicate tracks like this:

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