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Originally Posted by Xennex View Post
The vast majority of my albums is not FLAC but only MP3.

All the CDs I own myself are flac, but rarely can I download something that is flac.

I have 278 albums (a bit less because I haven't tagged everything correctly yet) of which 65 flac albums. That's not counting all the junk I'm not putting into the library, the junk consists of another 2800 files.

Well, maybe I'll go about categorizing some of it.

Any case, if I take a view that shows only FLAC, then basically I will only be seeing my own CDs + a few, and I want my entire collection.
ok, so thats what i wasn't getting.

in your situation, what i would do is create something like this:


so, your entire collection, MINUS the mp3 mirrors of FLACs, would be in the first one, and a smartview would exist of just the first one, while at the same time, you'd have a second smartview of the second one, which would show just the mirrored mp3s made from FLACs.

you could even make a 3rd smartview that would show all the transcoded mp3s, and all your other mp3s, but minus the FLACs.

would this not work for what you want, or do you need more than that?

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