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Originally Posted by Xennex View Post
Yeah that is what I was getting at. I don't even need a second smart view listing the transcoded mp3s, I won't be playing them anyway (unless I need to use winamp to load a media device.
well, you could just use the 3rd view for that, since it would be all mp3. but for maintenance reasons you might find the second view useful, as well as a FLAC only view, b/c that way you could see quickly that you had an exact match in file count, (ie. you could be sure every flac had a mp3 dupe).

Originally Posted by Xennex View Post
And it's a fine solution just a bit odd to throw mp3 and flac together and then duplicate mp3 out, since it's on disk I would have preferred so separate mp3 from flac OR throw them all together.
in the first folder i suggested, you could continue to break it down, so like this:


it would not be a problem to do that.

Originally Posted by Xennex View Post
I'm also keeping archive copies of everything I have ripped myself, which means I will have a flac-only dir, a mp3-only dir, and a combined dir ;-). Windows/NTFS doesn't support soft-linking directories so it will be a lot of storage space. Currently 19GB extra. Not too bad.

Anyway, I'm making a fuss over nothing big now ;-).
i'm not sure i follow this... what i do is just setup the storage the way i want it to be "in production" ie. in use, and then i periodically copy the whole thing to a backup drive.

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