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Originally Posted by Xennex View Post
How would you advise me on multiple disc albums?

MusicBrainz Picard uses the same album title for both discs but uses disc# to differentiate.

Difficulty is that Winamp then shows both discs as one album, meaning you can't just queue a single disc.

Solution is to let MusicBrainz do it's job and then change the album tag to CD1 / CD2 / Bonus CD / etc.

Winamp should really have a way to show in its library the different discs belonging to a single album, for example by appending (disc 1) or (CD1) after the album title.
how i would advise you depends on how you want things to look.

personally, what i do, i delete ALL Disc, Discnumber, TotalDiscs, etc tags. i don't use them at all.

i then manually add something like " (CD1) " or " (Disc 1) " to the album name field of the tag. i do this b/c i don't want 4 discs worth of tracks in one album art. i like a strict one art per one CD representation of my rips. (and this works with all apps, i use things other than winamp). some people, not me, hate "abusing" the album title tag in this way.

anyway, i don't really know how winamp handles it when you don't append the album name, and use just Disc tags. you may need to experiment though, as there might be a way to get winamp to respect disc tags... (but i kinda doubt it)

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