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i have read this several times, but i find it confusing:

Originally Posted by Xennex View Post
Yeah... then I'd have /mp3/, /flac/, /flac-archive/ and /mp3-dupes/.

I also sometimes would like to be able to traverse the folder hierarchy of course.

Then I'd end up with


That'd be annoying, another level to the hierarchy. So I'll just do


For some reason I prefer to keep a distinct collection on disk called "flac-archive" where I'll put the 'backups' of my CDs. Then most of those folders end up in the main /albums/ structure as well. I have a backup of the entire thing on a second external harddisk.

I've always been very fond of Unix softlinking, at least, when it's done in anything of an automated way. If Windows supported softlinking, I would just keep the flac folders in /flac-archive/ and then link to those folders from the /albums/%genre%/ hierarchy like this:

/albums/piano/elijah bossenbroek - harmony in disarray [2004, flac]/ ->
/flac-archive/elijah bossenbroek - harmony in disarray [2004, flac]/

Then on disk it would be a single folder, but it would be accessible from two locations.

In fact, if it were automated, one could also dump all flac albums and all mp3 albums into single folders /flac/ and /mp3/ and then link to those locations from the /albums/%genre%/ hierarchy. It is very powerful, but hard to maintain. A jukeboxing software could create any kind of softlinking hierachy based on tags, in any way it would wish, without moving files - thereby making useful directory structures that could then be harnessed by other software based on the available file structure. You would set up all tags and genres, setup a naming hierarchy/structure, hit a button and presto - a complete beautiful organised directory hierarchy. You would have file hierarchies that would exactly and precisely mirror the metadata of the collection. That would empower users to use file-based traversing and copying whenever they liked it, in the way that they like it.

Well, I guess we do it the other way around. We organize music into a hierarchy and then obtain tags from that, or just ignore the hierarchy altogether.

If this design existed, I would probably organise all albums into an initial letter hierarchy like /a/autumn's glow, /b/blimey!, with flac and mp3 together, and then use the virtual hierarchy metadata system to split that hierarchy into something that would be useful for Winamp.
i think its not really pertinent to talk about softlinking, since this is winamp and windows. if you would describe the goals you want to achieve within winamp but keeping it confined to whats actually possible (or nomal) with windows, i'll be more helpful to you.

having said that, i think winamp really does for the most part, ignore folder structure. this frees you to do whatever folder structure you like. (its a bit more restrictive with album art, but not much)

but regardless, i'm not sure i understand your goals, or where you see winamp failing them?

if you want a jukebox of all your files, without dupes, you can do this. just setup the smartview and folder structure such that the grouping only has one copy of each song. winamp will not care about format, it will show them all together. u could even have half an album as flac, and half as mp3, np, it will show as one album.

i think its only sensible to keep mp3 and flac clearly separated on HD, and to keep backups, archives, mirrors, etc, outside of the "jukebox" view by placing them ouside the folder structure the jukebox smartview is to present. but even if you divide mp3s and flacs on the HD for the "whole music collections jukebox view," that will be transparent to winamp.

to me, the folder structure is mostly about ease of maint. yes, i do use it to a degree in how i display things in winamp, but there is no need to do so. whether you split flacs/mp3s on HD or not for the jukebox view, it will look the same in winamp.

you probably understand all this already, but i guess i am just not understanding your goals, or how winamp is not realizing them, if it in fact isn't?

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