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Well then you use the same strategy. It is unacceptable that a disc that might contain four discs shows up as a single playlist entity, thereby disallowing you to queue them individually.

Right now I'm adding (CD1) after the naming schedule has been set up ("102 - Track 2 on Disc 1.mp3"). This confuses the hell out of Picard, but I'm doing it with MediaMonkey who doesn't care much.

As to my goals with winamp, they're already being realized. It's a bit messy, but it would be with other players (like Logitech Media Server) as well.

What I'm doing is:
- setup tags with Picard while retaing date YYYY format. This reformats naming structure for files and tries to save album art.
- add leading zeros to track# with MediaMonkey
- reformat naming structure with MediaMonkey for single-disc single-author albums if still needed
- auto-add playlists with MediaMonkey
- change multi disc albums to (CD#) format with MediaMonkey
- change ##/## track number format to ## with Mp3Tag

Style I'm following is:
- naming format:
/AlbumArtist - Album [Year, ext]/00 - Album.m3u
## - Title.ext
### - Title.ext
## - Artist - Title.ext

- multi-disc albums get put in the same folder with ### structure but have different album tag

That's the only thing that's really messy: I won't be able to use Picard on those split albums, nor MediaMonkey.

Any case, thank you for your time.

One last question: why did you mention using only id3v2.3 tags? Right now my tags are probably all over the place.
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