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There seems to be no issue atm, but I expect issues at some point if the tag is in the wrong column. In any case, it is easy to fix thanks to Mp3tag.

One more question...

why did you describe yourself as a "recovering" Squeezebox user?

was it that bad? :P .

I'm planning to buy a Squeezebox Touch because its senseless to put a device on top of my stereo (because it would be located next to my computer. Imagine that, a personal computer running most of the time and then having a streamer right next to it.. adding almost zero functionality in terms of where you have to be to use it). So I'm getting the Touch and it will sit in an entirely different place and eat nachos.

There seems to be no alternative to the Squeezebox. Furthermore I also have a Boom in the bedroom so it might be useful to have a SB server running. I just hate the controls of the Boom. They are not intuitive to me.
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