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first, regarding the tags...

ALBUMARTIST and ALBUM ARTIST are two different, and distinct frames from one another. a file can have both simultaneously, and the info in each can be divergent.

a file can also have multiples, so three frames of ALBUM ARTIST each with a different value.

thats all very confusing and why i try to K.I.S.S., so i conform my files to all have only one AA frame, and thats the one that winamp WRITES to and prefers, meaning the one with the space.

keep in mind, this mainly applies to Vorbis comments, i.e. Ogg and FLAC, as id3 now has a de facto standard of using only TPE2 for AA.

so in mp3tag, i make sure nothing is mapped, and create columns for all the permutations i can think of, and then delete or move everything out of the columns winamp doesn't prefer, and use only the one it does (in this case, with the space). THEN i map that column in mp3tag, b/c i believe mp3tag by default prefers it without the space. and as you found out, unlike winamp, mp3tag does not merge similar fields/frames automatically, (with good reason obviously).

this is all important to know, b/c otherwise you could end up with a situation where winamp denotes the "with the space" data, but some other app or device denotes the same file's "without the space" data. and worse yet, you could have divergent data in similar fields, which for an app like LMS/SBS, causes chaos.

second, regarding SB,

surely you must realize it sucks? why exactly does someone need it?

most people are happy with itunes/airplay. it is much cheaper, and a lot easier and fun to use. airport express, apple tv, etc... cheap and easy. iphones and iwhatever do remote control.

personally, i hate apple stuff, so i look for alternatives. the reason i got a SB2 and later a duet, is b/c it would work without apple, and it was HQ audio. but i can do the same thing today with a cheap laptop with HDMI out. plus a cheap laptop with HDMI out will do video and all the things a computer can do. my droid can control the winamp remotely. a touch is an absolutely stupid, overpriced device that was poorly conceived and poorly executed.

and don't get me started on the server, which is some of the worst software i have ever used. totally unfun, and more than likely responsible for the death of two of my system drives.

my question to you is what utility do you get out of squeeze stuff that you could not get in better, cheaper, ways? you may have some answers to that, but the market POV is that other solutions are better. squeeze is going to die, they've already basically killed off development of the server. its just a logitech disaster.

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