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You seem pretty angry.

You made the ALBUM ARTIST distinction clear now. Personally I feel "ALBUM ARTIST" is an odd appearance because it's the only tag (frame) that has a space in it, within the vorbis list of comments. Maybe you're right and I should go to great lengths to preserve it, but time will tell.

About SqueezeBox, yes it appears to suck. The main reason it sucks is that you can't push (stream) music to it from a laptop device, thereby completely splitting the functionality you need, which is either library access, or youtube fun. If you could do that, it would function as AirPlay, but I assume Apple is barring the gates to the apple cart located within the palace garden. So if I get it, I will still need Airport Express (which I don't want for the same reasons as you), or to get a bluetooth dongle and receiver, or to draw a rather longish cable to my netbook wherever I am. The bluetooth will have degraded audio quality since there are only (cheap) solutions with analog audio out for the receiver.

Logitech Media Server is indeed not great to use from the webservice point of view. But if my netbook is running, I won't use that anyway and bypass the SB. There seem to be control apps for iPhone/android, but it is still confined to accessing whatever you have put into the LMS library, which is rather unflexible and indeed, not very fun.

The reason for me to get the Touch is that I have long yearned for a way to get information about what is currently playing withOUT having to open a display or run a computer. A way to see album art. You can bet my netbook will be closed when not operating it. Any tablet or phone I might have would either directly operate the SB or stream directly to the bluetooth.

The fact that these two things would get totally split is the most unfun part of it to me.

I didn't know SB was a dying brand. My sincere apologies ;-). On the WhatHifi forums, people seem to recommend them without regard. In any case, the solution I have now, which is to run a cable to my netbook (actually I'm not doing that now because the cable I bought is too short and the other cable is low quality analog) is not THAT great of a solution either. What I wanted to get is a usb soundcard/dac with optical output and then run that to my receiver or DAC. It's not very flexible, and I'd be having to stick a usb device into my netbook, which is not very fun. But I'm thinking now the best solution is to get that usb thing and then to run an analog cable to my receiver.

I never found the Squeezebox Boom fun to use. It's a horrible user interface, even when some reviewers call it "intuitive". I would rather walk to my living room to use the Logitech server from a webbrowser, rather than use that horrible menu structure.

I believe the death of Squeezebox was spelled when Logitech acquired it.

I'm hoping the SB ecosystem will survive... for home use. It's development should be in the hands of independent devs. That's the kind of product it is.

But I have no alternative currently. I can get bluetooth/analog speakers, sure. For the Boom. That would be excellent, then I can operate those speakers with my netbook. For the bedroom I need something that can handle bluetooth and minijack. Currently the Boom does the analog part, which is enough for now.

For the living room I need something more. Tablet running Winamp streaming from the network harddisk seems would need bluetooth to connect to my Hifi. But the netwerk harddisk I was going to buy can connect to a USB sound card that would be able to connect via optical to my Hifi. Then I can operate it via a tablet. That might be a much better solution in the end.

Thank you for your consideration. I need to get hands-on experience with Android before I decide on anything. I have an Android phone coming in within a few weeks, so that'll be the test. I'm going to be checking out USB dacs that support optical output for use with the Synology DiskStation.
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