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Combine multiple albums

I just wanted to clarify for those who are having issues with the same album showing up multiple times in the "Album" window. You may be running into issues where the "Artist" and "Album" column are exactly the same for the whole disc, yet two (or more) albums are displayed with some of the songs on it and the rest are on the other. To have only one album art display for all the tracks on the album, you need to change "Album Artist" not just the "Artist" field.

This probably has little to do with the problems discussed in this thread, but my issue landed me here.

Originally Posted by MrSinatra View Post
how i would advise you depends on how you want things to look.

personally, what i do, i delete ALL Disc, Discnumber, TotalDiscs, etc tags. i don't use them at all.

i then manually add something like " (CD1) " or " (Disc 1) " to the album name field of the tag. i do this b/c i don't want 4 discs worth of tracks in one album art. i like a strict one art per one CD representation of my rips. (and this works with all apps, i use things other than winamp). some people, not me, hate "abusing" the album title tag in this way.

anyway, i don't really know how winamp handles it when you don't append the album name, and use just Disc tags. you may need to experiment though, as there might be a way to get winamp to respect disc tags... (but i kinda doubt it)
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