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wow i just lost my whole post lol.

Sorry if I haven't read the whole thread, but if you have a smart view that shows duplicate albums of multiple file types, you can add an "extension" column to the track view then sort by the column. It won't remove the duplicate tracks, but at least you can sort by extension easily.

I do wish we could customize the views a bit more or add blacklists to the watch folders though. Like if you deleted something from your media library that is in a watch folder, Winamp would ask, "would you like to blacklist this folder?". As of now, it just re-adds it to the library next time you rescan the folders.

Anyway I'd recommend messing around with the columns: you can add "extension", "discnumber", etc. I wish the team included some columns available to the track view to the genre, artist, album views, but I hope the above helps you out.

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