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Originally Posted by rrb View Post
Winamp = Awesome. Keep up the great work!!

Found a small bug, maybe you guys already know about it ? (See image below)

On the android device, songs are stored in the folder format :

When the ID3 of the "album" is blank, it makes a directory named "Unknown album". I think this is not recognized when winamp is scanning via wifi to try and see what files it needs to copy.


PS - I'm using a Galaxy I9000 (running Darkky's ROM v8.0). I'm using the latest WinAmp (5.601)
Originally Posted by danep View Post
I'm also seeing this bug, but I think the cause is different- as far as I know, all of my music has good album tags. I previously posted about it at , no response yet.
Same problem for me (Galaxy S also). I posted more details in the separate thread mentioned above. I hope someone from Nullsoft will read it and do something about it, as it's one of the most irritating 'features' of Winamp.
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