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Jump to File option much slower than before?

I have a question about the Jump to File option. My playlist is rather large, 27800 tracks thereabout. Up until version 5.32 or so, searching with the Jump to File option was quick. With this version, the dialog box pops up slower (even though it only has to load 25 out of 27800 tracks, because of the 'search optimalisation') and when I type keywords, it takes two or three seconds to show the results. When typing those keywords, it takes Winamp some seconds to show what you typed in the box. Annoying when you type fast, because when you make a typo, your search will not return any results. So as soon as you notice your typo, you try to backspace of course. However, this goes slow too because Winamp is still trying to gather results on your search. Anybody else having this problem? Or know what I could do about it? Thanks in advance.
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