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with all of the optimisations and ensuring you're using the latest version of the jtfe plugin it should be quicker with large playlists of that size against the original winamp code. there will be a delay happening on loading (modern skins will cause more of a delay since it interfers with the gui updates at times) and when changing/entering the search it will take a little while to display the results (since gui updates on the list are disabled whilst running the search).

when the search changes, the results should from what i remember of the code abort and tell winamp not to add anything else to the results.

without knowing what setup your running/other plugins/skin type it's hard to even really guess (since i'd expect a few seconds delay with a pre 2ghz machine with that sort of playlist). from the tests i've done with duplicating my playlist up a few times, things seemed to run smoothly but maybe i just don't type fast enough, etc or it's something with the playlist you're working with (the search provided with the jtfe plugin is more exact than the original/built in jtf search function which will be slower but other tinkerings mean it should be faster unless i've really messed up...).

i guess you can try it with gen_jumpex.dll disabled (rename to .off or move out of the plugins folder) and see what happens with that (you won't have list results limits in that case) if it's any better.

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