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Thanks DrO,
I tried that plug-in before without any positif result, so I tried again and I tried again also with a fresh installed winamp.

I've made my query very simple to find out why it doesn't work:

?year <= "1974"

I generate a playlist "by hand" (with a simulair smart view query) I start the music and after a minuter I close winamp (both ways, close and stop+close)
After starting WinAmp, it resumes nicely the by smart view generated playlist.

But now the problem what made me think before this plugin doesnt do what it says.

I enter my query in the extra options / query field: ?year <= "1974" and stop also in both different ways.
After starting WinAmp my playlist is clean and nothing is happening.
(query was much longer, but for testing I've made it shorter)

I'm not a "re-install person" but for this one time I reinstalled winamp, including the local user info/winamp with the same negative result.
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