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Originally Posted by Pete Williams View Post
Once again thanks for your interest and responding.

I am reluctant to start over with the ML because it takes so long and I don't believe it will make any difference. I have noticed that if I remove 500 tracks, say, from the library then it still will not add anything without crashing! So something happens to the library when it is large.

Also it will crash after playing between 5 & 10 tracks.

Metadata guessing is turned off by the way.

I must admit that I have never used watched folders because I tend to create the folders and then leave them alone. This means they only need to be scanned once. There is no need to "watch" them. I read somewhere in earlier posts that having some folders in the "Watched Folder" list can itself make the sytem unstable. Maybe that was a problem that has now been corrected though.
watch folders can be set to scan/rescan only when you manually do it. i'm not saying it will fix your issue, you may indeed have reached a ML size limit, but it can't hurt. i think it is probably a better way to add files then how you're doing it, when you have such a large ML. (make sure "remove missing entries" is checked)

i agree with DrO, who is much more knowledgeable than I. you could use to make sure you don't have extra or broken tags. if you have id3v2 tags, delete any id3v1 tags for instance.

also, as a workaround, you could install to different locations separate instances of winamp, and have each one monitor different areas of your library, (pop and classical for example) if that roughly halves it.

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