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Dj Mambito
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This has been going on as long as i´m checking my new station
which is as long as since the beginning of this year
i have complained about it several times...and nothing was done about it.
All i got was disbelievers and "sorry no time" now suddenly you do as you will/can repair this
in one day ? i´m sorry but i dont believe that..the more since there´s various (different)errors going on at the same time and they all screw up the correct ranking.

so i´m wondering what means:

> "there is nothing that can be done about it until tomorrow"

It means nothing (to me)

Yeap another negative comment...but i have nothing positive to say since whatever i mention here is replied to as "no time" , "not possible" , "talk to aol" , "its not my fault" and an average of 9 out of 10
I would be positive if i could...but i simply cant stand people/companies making money of bad work.
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