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I will try to achieve the following:

Create 3 logical sets:
- all lossless
- all lossy inclusive
- all lossy exclusive

The relationships will be as follows:

lossless + inclusive = all albums
inclusive + exclusive = all lossy albums
lossless == exclusive

all FLAC albums will contain MP3 mirrors in exclusive.
lossless + inclusive will be included in Winamp and other libraries (hence the name 'inclusive')

I will write a shell script that creates a 4th tree with symbolic links combining "lossless + inclusive" to create a view of all albums, a 5th tree with symbolic links combining "inclusive + exclusive" such that I can easily copy albums to mobile devices, and a 6th tree containing a flat view of all FLAC albums.

That should cover all my needs. The big advantage of doing this in the file system over doing it in Winamp is that it will work for every program imaginable that can accept multiple directories in its library.
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