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in_mkv will try to process things unless you remove it and then it depends on how other plug-ins are configured and what codec packs are present (if then using in_dshow).

primarily, unless there's an audio track, in_mkv will not work correctly and that's the main crux of the issue with the file. as i almost got it playing last night (once removing a number of the checks in the plug-in which will refuse to play anything without an audio track). and from my understanding of how the plug-in was coded, it's a pretty core assumption it makes and i'm not going to have the time to do anything else to resolve it.

and i didn't get it to skip through it in 15s in other players when i tried it though as there's no audio, maybe something else is enabled / happening which is screwing up the sync handling and that's why it skips through. either way, it's a bit of a weird file (though makes sense for the purpose of a sample file) and Winamp just isn't the thing to use to play it.
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